Building Materials Mobile Sales Management App

Eliminate field sales paper order capture forever and reduce order entry personnel costs

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Reduce Personnel costs by eliminating order entry

Are you still receiving orders on paper, fax or email even if you have a web system?
Are still employing people to check for errors and for order-entry on your ERP system?

Building Materials Field Sales Order Capture

Eliminate paper forms forever with an online/offline app that correctly replicates price lists. Get orders from customers and sales rep heavily reducing errors and the need to employ costly order entry personnel

Actionable Customer Info

Instantly retrieve actionable customer information anywhere, whether you are connected to the net or not.

Fast Sales Orders & Quotations

Easily create, modify, duplicate and send orders, proposals, offers or tenders to all your customers.

Pricing with Matrix interface

Pricing and orders with matrix based component selection with stock availability and multi tier discounts

Send and track Documents

Share and track all your marketing content from both your local iPad archive and the cloud.

Interactive PDF sales catalog

Elegantly present any Building Materials product in a page-turn graphic visual catalog with order button overlays.

Infinite Squares catalog

Auto generate a catalog with a stunning single infinite page with all the product images shown in 4 x 3 square


Each sector has specific challenges. Trying to solve them with a generic app is not the right solution.
Building Materials companies need an vertical app that solves their problems without adapting to a generic solution.

100% On the Cloud

You don't need to buy new servers, new software, or have installation costs.

Works offline too

The tablet app works without internet connection. You can use the app anywhere

Integrate your ERP with our API

You can integrate Zotsell to your ERP/CRM (SAP, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft, Salesforce) with our API.

Available in 35 languages

Worldwide reach with an app that has been localized and translated in 35 languages

Total Security

Our data center is manned by a dedicated security (both physical and online)

Total reliability

Our infrastructure is a Cloud, if a server breaks is replaced in real time by another one in standby.

Data Privacy Policy

100% confidentiality of all data with a EU Data Privacy policy "Without Compromise".

Remote Backup

Backups are performed regularly in a private and secure data center located in Europe.

Fast Network

The servers are connected to the Internet With high speed lines from multiple supplier

Saas Cost Less

Saas is like renting (instead of buying) the software, it costs less and you are only tied-in for limited time.

App Benefits = Personnel Savings - App costs

Calculate the total benefits for your company by subtracting Personnel cost savings to the app price.
Eliminate paper order forms forever and reduce company costs associated to order-entry personel.

  • Sales Reps or Resellers

    • Select the total number of
    • Rales reps or Resellers
    • by sliding the bar below
  • Total Active Customers

    • Select the total number of
    • active customers in your company
    • by sliding the bar below
  • Sales Orders and Quotations

    • Select the average number of sales
    • Orders and Quotations per month
    • by sliding the bar below
  • Personnel Savings

    30.900 year

    App costs

    750 month

    Company App Benefits

    21.900 year

Become a Partner

Are you an IT Company? ZotSell Building Materials is a 100% channel solution.
We're looking for IT companies to resell and integrate our app to end customers.

100% Channel Oriented

ZotSell Building Materials is distributed exclusively through our certified partners' network

Sales & Tech Training

We offer all partners online and offline training courses in sales and API technology.

Fast Answers

We offer timely support and dedicated personnel to address sales and technical inquiries.

Customer protection

We help premium partners to secure their current customers through our CRM.

Test App

We provide premium partners with a test app configured with Building Materials Product and specific content


We provide premium partners with sales Building Materials leads from the ZotSell website via CRM.

Basic Promoter

Finder's fee basis

Authorized Reseller

Resell only partners

Premium Partner

Resell & Integrate partners

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